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Our Values

Trust Enables Everything

Trust empowers us to achieve great things together. Unwavering trust that we’re doing the best for Vital and its mission enables us to recruit others to our cause. We seek to earn more trust with every interaction we have with patients, regulators, & our partners.

Optimism and Commitment

We believe that optimism and commitment are self-fulfilling prophecies. Believing in the possible is what enables us to imagine ways to will a better world into existence. We share a collective determination that future Vital will be even better than present Vital.

Shared Purpose

Healthcare is a universal experience - we have all either had a loved one as a patient, or been one ourselves at some point in time. This is empathy we all share, and therefore we can bring an incredible motivation to our work everyday: to make our loved ones' lives better.

Debate with Rigor

We cultivate rigorous thinkers who are unafraid to be wrong, to enthusiastically commit to plans they initially opposed, and to support their thoughts with data and narrative. We empower each other with the information the team needs to nurture fragile ideas into world changing technology.

Accountability to Results

Our collective commitment to our shared purpose means we focus on delivering results. We go beyond our titles - we care about every detail, and we are not afraid of a few road blocks along the way. We do what it takes to drive our team's effectiveness forward.

Better Everyday

We reflect often on our micro - how we operate day in and day out. We believe growth comes from taking every opportunity we can to improve. We embody this mindset to enable our macro - our mission, and purpose as a team. We strive to be at least 1% better everyday.

Driven by Ambition

We look for people who bring intensity and focus to their work. We look for a deep dedication to one's craft: to have clarity of vision in how they want to be the best at what they do, and to work towards that with creativity, tenacity, and consistency. We apply this drive to creating success as a collective.

Feedback is a Gift

At Vital, we love feedback. We thrive on it. We truly see a culture built around constructive feedback as a fundamental component of how we will accomplish our mission. We know that when we help each other be better, we can address our challenges while creating an environment of encouragement and support.