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A first of its
kind platform

No one has been this bold

Vital’s approach: Attack the entire stack and rethink everything from the ground up.

We’re bringing together innovations in biochemistry, optics, robotics, microfluidics, and computer vision to invent groundbreaking technology.

Next generation centrifugal microfluidics platform

Our breakthrough centrifugal microfluidics platform enables unprecedented multiplexing while delivering consistency in critical fluidic functions such as metering, mixing, and aliquoting.

No-compromise immunoassays

We had to rethink immunoassays from first principles to enable a truly heterogenous immunoassay with short turnaround time that doesn’t compromise on dynamic range or compatibility with patient samples

Designed for highly scalable automated manufacturing

Our breakthrough innovations enabled a consumable architecture that leverages tried and true manufacturing technologies. With this simplified architectures, we know will be able to scale to serve millions of patients reliably.

Advanced robotics built for reliability

Our precision robotics were architected for reliability and robustness. We put our system through thousands of tests to ensure uncompromised performance while enabling a truly ‘load and leave’ experience.

Simplicity enabled through cutting-edge computer vision

Computer vision enables us to embed intelligence across the VitalOne—from our internal controls to our multi-spectral automated cell type differentiation.

Breakthrough optics stack

Multi-spectral sensing through novel optics enable a scalable system that provides high performance absorbance, fluorescence, and imaging capabilities that power the VitalOne.

Great things come in small packages

Our lyophilized reagents pack a lot of advancements into a tiny bead and enable room-temperature stability.

Greater than the sum of its parts

The VitalOne is not just a product; it’s a platform built on a unified core architecture. Each subsystem contributes to a versatile and scalable design. This strategic foundation not only optimizes our current product but also paves the way for future products in Vital’s ecosystem.

Quality Control—simplified

Harnessing the power of Vital’s proprietary computer vision system, the VitalOne provides continuous, built-in QC to uphold the highest standards of quality. It’s designed to screen samples for HIL, confirm proper storage of consumables, ensure the integrity of our reagents, and above all, deliver consistent, reliable results.

Advanced technology in a simple package

The VitalOne is designed to be flexible and provide results when and where providers need them most. This includes primary care practices, pharmacies, health fairs—and more! The VitalOne is extensible, ready for whatever configuration best meets your practice’s needs.


13.75 x 17.5 x 22.5 inches


Glass, machined aluminum, plastic, sheet metal


37.38 kg / 82.4 lbs

Design features

12.1" touch screen, easy-to-clean, test indicator lighting

Box includes

VitalOne hardware
Power cord
Starter kit
Set up guide

Relative humidity (non-condensing)


Operating altitude

10,000 ft

Frequency (single phase)

50-60Hz, single phase

Operating temperature

15-30° C

Line voltage


What other menus of tests will Vital develop?

Our current pipeline includes panels for urgent care, women's health, men's health, sexual health, wellness, and more.

What types of tubes does the VitalOne use?

The VitalOne is intended to accept up to three 75mm tall BD Vactuainer®/Greiner VACUETTE® tubes, or BD Microtainer®/Greiner MiniCollect® tubes. Depending on the menu of tests the user is running, we will need between 300-600 uL of whole blood, plasma, or serum.

How does Vital's immunoassay platform address the hook effect?

Our kinetically engineered immunoassay platform is structured to provide a large excess of epitope binders, giving high dynamic range and robustness to the hook effect.

Will Vital develop molecular tests for infectious disease?


What is the shelf life of the consumable?

The VitalOne's consumables are being developed with an intended room-temperature shelf life of 3 months or more.

Can the consumables be reused?

No, each consumable is designed for a single patient per run. Vital is evaluating multiple approaches for recycling components of our tests to further improve the environmental footprint of our platform.

How does the VitalOne know which sample tube is which?

The VitalOne's onboard computer vision system detects the color of sample tube caps before removing them.

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