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Meet the VitalOne

Less Waiting. More Care.

Close the gap between diagnosis and treatment. The VitalOne will deliver comprehensive lab-grade results during your patient’s visit so you can provide care that is more efficient, personalized, and ultimately, more present.

Comprehensive lab results,
in minutes, everywhere.

Realtime medicine

You care about patient experience and closing gaps in care. So do we—that’s why we’re making it so whether you operate an independent practice or are part of a large health system—your patients get access to comprehensive lab results and realtime care.

Faster and easier than sending out

The VitalOne sets a new bar for ease of use. We designed the system for less than 30 seconds of hands-on time. The VitalOne mixes, decaps, and recaps vacutainers so users are never exposed to blood. This enables clinical staff to focus on caring for patients while the VitalOne delivers high quality lab results.

No need to make room in the fridge.

The VitalOne’s consumables are designed for room temperature storage, making life easier for everyone at your practice (and saving you precious fridge space). This means less to QC, less training, and no waiting for “things to warm up”—all by design.

We’re (securely) plugged in

We know how important EHR connectivity is to enabling smooth clinical operations—that’s why we designed the VitalOne to have bi-directional connectivity so you can see and fill open lab orders. We designed the system with cybersecurity as a top priority to keep patient and provider data secure.

Form follows function

Every detail of the VitalOne is designed considering all the nuances and constraints of a typical practice. From our small form factor to our large intuitive touch-screen display the VitalOne is designed to make the user’s experience seamless.

Better outcomes through connectivity

In addition to enabling the highest quality patient visits, Vital’s patient app allows you to help your patients stay informed and on top of their health. We’re designing the VitalOne with connectivity in mind—enabling lab data to move anywhere that best serves the needs of providers and patients.

The future of diagnostics: Vital’s disks

Vital’s consumables puts the power of a central lab in the palm of your hand. Our cutting-edge centrifugal microfluidic disks enable things never before possible at point-of-care. We designed our consumables, chemistry, and instrumentation in unison to enable unprecedented controls and built-in QC capabilities into every consumable

The Vital Promise

At Vital, we are committed to only delivering products that we would be happy to have our loved ones use. Patients and providers rely on diagnostic information to make critical decisions so we hold precision, accuracy, and quality as paramount in everything we do at Vital.

We are committed to meeting the standards of regulators globally, providing support for our customers, and ensuring patients can trust the results we deliver.

We will never sell patient data and we will take care to ensure results are secure. We exist for patients, and we vow to never take that for granted.

Our first menus are intended to deliver 50+ lab results to identify common chronic illnesses, and close gaps in care and documentation.

In addition to these intial menus, we will develop menus for Urgent Care, Female Health, Male Health, Sexual Health, and Wellness.

What other menus of tests will Vital develop?

Our current pipeline includes panels for urgent care, women's health, men's health, sexual health, wellness, and more.

What if I don't want to see all of the results on a menu?

The VitalOne is designed to wait for a lab order such that only ordered results are released to the provider's EHR. Before VitalCloud sees a lab order, all values are stored as raw, unprocessed spectral data.

What kinds of samples does the VitalOne accept?

The VitalOne is intended to accept up to three 75mm tall BD Vactuainer®/Greiner VACUETTE® tubes, or BD Microtainer®/Greiner MiniCollect® tubes. Depending on the menu of tests the user is running, the VitalOne requires between 100-600 uL of whole blood, plasma, or serum.

Will Vital develop molecular tests for infectious disease?


What is the shelf life of the consumable?

The VitalOne's consumables are being developed with an intended room-temperature shelf life of 3 months or more.

Can the consumables be reused?

No, each consumable is designed for a single patient per run. Vital is evaluating multiple approaches for recycling components of our tests to further improve the environmental footprint of our platform.

How does the VitalOne know which sample tube is which?

The VitalOne's onboard computer vision system detects the color of sample tube caps before removing them.

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